MissLopez’s tips! Manicure for lazy…

Hello in a very snowing Sunday afternoon in Sweden! Oh my God I am getting ready for a photo job today and I am not sure what I am going to wear with this weather! What about my nails? 🙂

I confess I am a kind of lazy with my nails as it is so much work. So I decided I am going to try a new method while my stay in Galicia, Spain in a week , a long-lasting manicure that combines the technique of gel nails with super enamel that lets them perfect for 15 days, which is an advantage for me to boast super hands neat for my party looks. Something I do miss from Spain and Galicia are the spas, so nice there! I love going to the spa and take care of myself too!
Talking about nails, this is a long lasting manicure. You apply it as a glaze in less than 30 minutes and I’ll retire in a few minutes only with acetone and without filing your nails. And the best… The color and brightness of my fingernails is perfect after 10 days!
First remove your nail polish, then you apply the shellac base to dry with a small light UV lamp and then put your other two layers of polish and shine.
Time for a Latin make over to cheer you up? I’ll be back later with more news but now I must go as I am a bit in a hurry.
Preparations can be as much fun as the party itself. Get ready for your best party and Feelgood!
Venture out the woman in You! Kiss+++
(photo cnd by shellac)