MissLopez’s family and Viva la vida!

Hello amigos and Latin lovers! 🙂 Back on track again after very busy days and it’s almost all about blogging! Thanks to you! I must thank my assistant, MisterLopez that helps me with my blog. His last post was about an American Latina, Fuentes and this reminds me of my family as my father’s mother, my grandmother’s name from Madrid was Antonia Fuentes so my father’s surnames were both Lopez and Fuentes. Didn’t you know that Spanish women do not change surnames after marriage so everybody in Spain has two surnames? Yes, it’s true! She was a very strong woman at that time too in Madrid that started a manufacture in matador’s clothes, even today. I must say I am against bullfights but my uncle, Antonio in Madrid told me that Almodovar used to come to their company to buy matador’s dresses for his films. Cool anyway!

Well, well talking about family I am a bit sad today as it seems as this Christmas in Sweden I am going to be on my own and it’s the first time for me though I am travelling to Galicia, Spain to see my family there later on for a few days. It’s not easy to live in a foreign country on your own really…Let’s see but meanwhile I must say I do not feel that lonely in Sweden as I have many friends and many times I do think my friends are my family. I only wish Swedes were more “responsive” sometimes…It must be the weather 🙂

In the picture you see me having a kind of ladies night with my friend Rosa BrĂ€nnvall and in the other picture a really good Swedish artist, Charlotte Krook. I’d loved her pictures!. She has been a participating artist at Edsvik’s gallery at Sollentuna in Sweden (I’ve also been there where I met the director Ricardo from Chile) at its anniversary with an exhibition of paintings to celebrate life with the help of colors  intimating the positive aspects of our existence. Great! For some reason I get attracted to artists and creative people, don’t you see?

I promise I’ll try to see the bright side of life even these days.

Viva la Vida with colors and Feelgood! 🙂