Miss Lopez today at Anglais in Stureplan, Estocolmo!

Hello there everybody all over the world! Here me today at Hotel Anglais in Stureplan, Stockholm with Kabiru Bello, almost like Is+a+bello= Isabello! 🙂

By the way do you know that in Spanish, bello for masculine or bella for femenine means beautiful? So now you know…Well, for those seeing me outside Sweden, here is the snow. Fun for my friends all over the world to see me in the real Sweden, full of snow right in the center of the city.  My mother from Galicia is going to be very happy to see me with her pullover from Spain and my earrings I have got the other day from my friend Veronica too, although today I feel kind of sleepy. I need to sleep more!

Don’t you think things happen for a reason? Don’t you agree many things that happen to us are just meant to be? I believe so. See, life is full of coincidences but they are not! I have just sat down when I was starting to chat with this guy for the first time when I realize he is in the blog business. Interesting! Let’s make business, don’t you agree? Bello is in Fantabolous Music Group and he loves music too. Great! I didn’t know about this lobby at Anglais as a working place+networking, it’s great! I must say I am grateful that Agneta Eriksson Hildén gave me this tip that I have met at Sprout Park the other day. See the connection? It’s all about networking! I’ll be there tomorrow too. Fun!

I believe magic in life is about letting the good things happen to us. If you follow the flow with positive thinking I believe good things can happen for a good reason. This is what I call being coooooooooool! 🙂

Let’s be open for the good things to happen and Feelgood! This is my philosophy, Miss Lopez’s tips! 🙂

Viva la filosofia all over the world!