Miss Lopez´s yesterday. Viva la belleza!

Hi amigos!. Here I am again after my computer had broken for hours. It´s amazing how much I´ve missed my blogg already but Thank God I am back on track again. Well, so the pictures from yesterday evening in Stockholm. By the way, during my computer crash, I was lucky my Skype was working so a Swedish neighbor of mine, Mats Guve from my place in La Coruña, Galicia, Spain contacted me and now they know about my blogg there too. He told me his mother was an actress and was going to be a James Bond´s girl when she got pregnant of him and much more stories about Sweden. Now he is married to a Spanish woman and had two children there and that´s why he lives in Spain but he miss Sweden too. Cool with friens all over the world!.

Amazing with networking!. So the first pictures are about Venture Cup Awards. I was lisening to the speakers there and I think they were great like the sales guru Rolf Laurelli in the second picture. Me with friends of mine like the one from Cuba originally with a lot of family in Miami. The thing is one of my best girl-friends, Marine from France used to be his girlfriend. He has very good ideas and these days he has given me a lot of them for Miss Lopez even before it started. Thank you Osvaldo!. The other guy, Henric Andreasson from Fena, chief for an organisation for students and entrepreneurs. Amazing so many nice people you meet at minglings! 🙂

And before that, I´ve had a meeting at Coffice with a woman I´ve met at Sprout Park last week. We have met in a very Söder place, a concept as it´s said, a mixture of an office and a coffe place, really Söder and really Cool!. In the third picture you see me with a Coffice´s really nice waiter and Agneta Eriksson Hildén. She does consulting in architecture and believes there should be more equality in this matter so even people from the less fortunate areas can Feelgood. Don´t you think this is a great idea?. I think so. I think architecture should be beautiful everywhere so everybody can feel even better. I do agree so I´ll tell more about it another day. You can check her blog too. Check it out!, Agneta Eiksson Hildén´s blog.

Let´s fight for the right of beauty in architecture to everybody and Feelgood!

By the way, if you have any question contact Agneta Eriksson Hildén, Viva business women everywhere!.

Today I am meeting my friends at a mingel at Biblioteksgatan and I have a Bloppis at Frejgata 17 later tonight. Let´s see what the today´s evening brings. More news coming soon.