Miss Lopez’s tips: staying in Chic Barcelona with my babyboots

Hello my babies! 🙂  I’ve missed you already so here I am again! What a cute baby, don’t you agree!. I had lunch with my newly pregnant friend in Stockholm who is married to a German guy and I remembered I am going to Spain in about two weeks so I must buy something to one of my brothers too, his name is Antonio and who recently also got a baby. Well, nothing as sweet as a baby, don’t you think? I am happy I have my friend Emma Gunnarsson that just sent a pair of babyboots so sweet!!!!. Here many babyboots from Emma in a Christmas market in Sweden. Check it out! I think my brother in Spain it’s going to love them too, very Swedish style and warm!

The good thing about my trip to Spain, La Coruña in Galicia is that I am going to spend a few days in Barcelona as well. I was wondering where to go in Barcelona as I have my house in La Coruña where I have family or in Madrid, but not in Barcelona. Thank God I have friends in Barcelona too! You know,  I am so happy I got in contact with a gay friend of mine from Barcelona after a long time, that loves Sweden so much. He may come during the summer. I must thank him as he has given some tips to spend a few nights in Barcelona and I must say he couldn’t make better choice as he send me the site of the best luxury hotels in Spain … that adds a plus of excellence to it. Chic, really chic!! Check and you’ll see like  Casa Fuster in Barcelona in the picture, but in this site there are more like the Lopez de Haro in Bilbao, where Frank Gehry finalized details of the famous museum Guggenheim. I love it!

Let’s see where I’ll be staying in Barcelona but meanwhile I’ll enjoy Christmas parties like Venture Cup Award this Tuesday in Stockholm too! 🙂

Viva babyboots, Spain, my friends and family, and Feelgood! To be continued…


Viva Barcelona and Feelgood! 🙂