Love and hate relationship between Pe Cruz and Depp at new Pirates of the Caribbean

miss lopez

Miss Lopez again in a cold Sunday in Stockholm. I like this picture! I’d love to go to the cinema but I am afraid we have to wait to the next year to see this new film of great Depp. I share one of the first pictures of  Spanish Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: mysterious tides. Penelope Cruz in addition, pregnant during filming, married now to Javier Bardem, the coolest guy!
Johnny Depp returns to his now legendary role of Captain Jack Sparrow and will meet Angela daughter of the pirate Blackbeard (Penelope Cruz). Sparrow is not sure if what is happening now between them is love…or if she is a ruthless impostor who is using him to find the famous Fountain of Youth. Or maybe he is just insecure 🙂 don’t you think? I guess so, fun anyway!
Love or/and hate! What do you think about it? Are you coming with me to the cinema next year? 🙂
Never forget the fun and Feelgood!