Miss Lopez’s love for writing: here is my passion

Miss Lopez here! Honestly, I feel fortunate to write in my blog. It means so much to me! I got touched to hear the speech in Spanish of the Nobel Vargas Llosa from Peru, the land of Machu Pichu and alpaca, speaking about the importance of writing. You should check it out too! As he said talent is not enough as the ambition and determination is almost equally important. (as everything in life the most important, and I am saying this to everybody is TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, so, Congratulations for those who know it…!)  Soon I will publish an article from Stockholm´s University about Feelgood blogging! The importance of writing! Thanks to writing we share our ideas and make our dreams come true. Writing for me is my therapy and my passion too but not the only one 🙂
The good thing reading is as important. So keep reading my Latin Lovers! 🙂 Gracias!
Writing is fighting against injustices! Let’s fight together for the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood so Feelgood everybody!
Thanks Marisol Garcia Penalta my friend from USA/Galicia for sending me the video on Facebook. Gracias amiga!