Viva el Nobel in Spanish from Stockholm today!

Hello!. I have been talking with my mother on the phone (she lives in Spain and me in Sweden) and she told me how proud and happy are people in Spain about Vargas Llosa. Today it has been a big day for the whole Spanish speakers community in the world when the Nobel in Literature received his prize and in Spanish as well, as the Swedish writer Per Wästberg ended his words in a sentence in my mothertonge I love so much. He said something like: ” Come and receive the literature prize from the hand of his majesty . ” or “Venga y reciba el premio de literatura de las manos de su Majestad”, in Spanish. Cool, isn´t it?. 🙂

So now time for Miss Lopez fashion news with my comments about the gala dresses as occasion requires. The Queen chose the emerald green color while the Princess followed the trend with a light brown, nearly nude , both spectacular costumes. I must say it´s perfect to write about Princess Victoria as I think she really has the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood, don´t you agree?

Congratulations Perú and the whole Spanish speakers community in the world from Miss Lopez!

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