MissLopez´s glow outfit for today´s party at Globen, Stockholm

miss lopez

Hello again!. You know, I love the glow!, Miss Lopez´s glow! 🙂 Before going to Galicia via Barcelona, Spain just after Christmast, it seems my agenda is full of parties in Sweden. So much fun!. I am a very social Latina and I love parties just for the social thing as a real Spanish!. We can party! 🙂 So if it is a good party, I´ll be there!. I was thinking what to wear for todays´s party at Globen and I decided I want a bit of glow, Miss Lopez´s glow!. I think I am going to wear this black dress made just for me from Spain with a lot of glow and a really beautiful green scarve made of alpaca. What do you think?. Good for Miss Lopez? 🙂

Tonigh it´s going to be a big Christmast party at Globen Arena with a lot of famous Swedish artists as Darin, Pernilla Wahlgren, a Swedish Idol jury (equivalent to American Idol with J. Lopez from America), Hollywood´s wife Maria Montazami, etc…I´ll show the pictures later today. And tomorrow Friday breakfast at Berns again very early in the morning. So wait and see…

Meanwhile I must keep working so simply Have a nice day!

I´ll be back with more glow so Feelgood!

By the way, put some glow to show off the woman in You!. so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD