What a day! From Urban Deli with Jimmy Schönning to Berns

Hello everybody and Latin lovers! 🙂. Before I go to sleep I writte to you a few words. What a social business day from morning to evening!. First breakfast at Urban Deli with top designer Jimmy Schönning in the first picture, then many business meetings like Stilbrott at Södermalm as well during the day to finish with a cool mingling at Berns, all in Stockholm of course.

So many people that love the Latin touch and lifestyle from Spain in Sweden!. Like Swedish Jimmy Schönning with a great balanced professional life betwen desing, visual arts, song and theatre. Cool, as I used to say nothing like the “show business” in perfect combination!. Check Jimmy´s site!. The fun thing, he was one of the speakers at Nya Affärer last week and now after I contacted him, we were having a business breakfast today. Great!. He is very popular in Sweden with own TV program and I hope this is just the start of a great business cooperation. The best part of it, he loves Spain and most of all, Barcelona and he wouldn´t mind to move there right away. So sweet! 🙂

And to finish a great day, an international  mingling at Berns for star-ups in Sweden. In the picture Sheridan from California, Amelia from Rumania, Miss Lopez from Spain and nice Jonathan that loves Barcelona too!.

It´s so good to have Miss Lopez´s blogg! Thanks!. Viva business meetings all day  with a Latin touch!

Feelgood everybody!.