I love Christmast gifts with a Nobel touch!

Hello everybody in a cold Tuesday morning in Sweden!. I need something warm and cool to wear these days and I have just found great things made of alpaca material from the same place where Vargas Llosa was born, the great Los Andes in South America!. So coool!.
You know one of the writers I admire the most is Vargas Llosa. I do miss my spanish when writing as it´s my mothertonge, the same language as Mario Vargas Llosa writes his books. But talking about this Nobel prize now in Stockholm, didn´t you know Vargas Llosa is from the capital of alpaca, the material of the Incas kings. Yes, and I love all about alpaca!. I am sure my favourite writer loves it too as it´s so gooood!. Such a nice quality!. For those who don´t know much about alpaca, is an organic material found at the top of the Andes. The good thing now you can find alpaca clothing design inspired by the ancient Inca culture and its traditional style although it is also influenced by modern and cool design of today. The gold from Los Andes as it´s called!. Perfect for your Christmast´s presents!. So Miss Lopez´s tip is today before it´s too late, buy your gifts this Christmast at Alpachu and you´ll love it!. I´ll be back with more tips for Christmast soon. Meanwhile check more news about the Latin world at El Cafetin Latino and you´ll Feelgood!. 🙂
Enjoy Latin gifts all over the world and Feelgood!
Viva news with a Latin Nobel touch!