The love for Madrid of Vargas Llosa, Shakira and Miss Lopez

Hello! Miss Lopez here again. In the picture we have La Puerta de Alcala, located in Madrid. You know I am a Spanish woman living in Sweden so one of my main issues in my blogg is Spain as well as I try to share the good things of Spain, Galicia, where I was born and all the cheer of the whole Latin culture to you in order to make you feel good mostly for those living in the most northern areas of the planet Earth, including Sweden. This is the great thing with Miss Lopez’s blogging! By the way, thanks to my blogg, Miss Lopez’s blogg, I’ve been contacted by TurGalicia and I’m having  a business meeting with them there in a few weeks. Are you coming with me? 🙂
Well, one of the cities in Spain I love the most apart from La Coruña in Galicia, is Madrid, my father’s hometown as well as most of my family. When living in the distance you notice even more the love for your roots as in my case. In this sense I share the love for Madrid with Shakira, that dedicated one of her songs to Madrid and Mario Vargas Llosa. The writer, who in a few days, the 10th of December, will receive the Nobel Prize of Literature in Stockholm, recalled his early years and his arrival in the fifties to Madrid, a great moment in his career, as living in Madrid at that time made him take the decision to dedicate to literature. During the ceremony in the Spanish capital Hall, Vargas Llosa was named”Adopted Son of the city of Madrid”, the Peruvian author reviewed his experiences in a city he described as “dynamic”, “free”, “open” “cosmopolitan” and I agree.
Madrid, Madrid, Madrid…
“From Madrid to heaven” …as they say or at least to Stockholm during the Nobel Prize 🙂
When I was a kid when people asked me, what I wanted to become as an adult I used to say: an artist and a writer and now the 10th I am going to meet Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa with a friend in the signing of his book! What a good thing to do in Stockholm! By the way check Shakira’s fundacion wherever you are too!
Viva cultural interaction, expressive writing …and Feelgood!