Viva spontaneity at Christmas Mingles at Stureplan in Stockholm!

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here again with Mimmi Svensson in the first picture at SSES’s Christmas mingle. Sorry for the delay (I am a very busy woman these days) but here come some pictures from yesterdays mingling… 🙂 Fun and tiring at the same time so today I am going to take it easy, but more are coming. Though I am very social I do not like to go to these kind of events on my own, so thanks to Facebook and social networking with MissLopez’s blogg, I have just met Swedish Emma Gunnarsson, entrepreneur with her own web-shop on the internet. She was actually looking for someone to go to Nya AffĂ€rer awards yesterday at Astoria, Stureplan and got in contact with me just like that and now we are friends and work partners. Great and easy! I love when people are spontaneous like her and I’d rather be spontaneous than fake cool…My tip, be spontaneous and be Super cool too like Super Lopez 🙂

Well. yesterday, first Nya AffĂ€rer Awards, a seminar as well about successful entrepreneurs, politicians and venture capitalists.  Then another mingling at Stureplan as well, in Stockholm, this time SSES Chrstmast mingle. In the pictures, Miss Lopez with Mimmi Svensson, then all together Emma Gunnarsson and Andreas Giallorakis from SSES. Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship encourage with events anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship or would like to stay updated on the latest start-up trends in order to inspire participants and enabling professionals, academics and students to meet both formally and informally.  So here in the pictures you see Miss Lopez and friends at SSES’s Christmas Mingle for this year, which informally bring together hundreds of students, alumni, faculty and professionals to network with one another as you can see. Fun!

Mix Fun & Business together and Feelgood…it works!

FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD to all women thanks to mingling!