Miss Lopez today: Ambassador for womens entrepreneurship at Jensen high school

Buenos dias! Really cold day in Sweden! I manage anyway to arrive on time to my mission as Ambassador for women entrepreneurship at Jensen high school. Here I am in the picture with some of the teachers, so this is really fresh news for a few minutes ago. There I presented my company MissLopez and concept, Feelgood Womanhood. It is great so many people get so happy with my idea so that’s why I share it with you in order you to feel good. The subject was as well blogging as a business idea and they talked about Blondinbella as an icon in Sweden within fashion blogs for young women. I think she’s studied there. I myself have been asked about my blogging and I answered that for me it’s great as it ables me to get in contact with so great and interested people. Like yesterday, I’ve been contacted from Shakiras NGO in Colombia in order to show our cooperation in their webbsite. I got really touched! It would be great to bring Shakira here to Sweden to make a big event for fundraising to her Fundacion Pies Descalzos. Don’t you agree? 🙂 I hope dreams can true sometimes, thanks to MissLopez’s blogging I can help and inspire so many people all over the worldThanks to you too.

I’ll bring more news today about entrepreneurship and mingling from Sweden, Stureplan later on to be continued…

Viva Feelgood Blogging! and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD to everybody!