Get ready to decorate your best Christmas tree

Prepárate para adornar el árbol de Navidad

Hello!. Miss Lopez again. Tomorrow the 2nd of December is going to be a busy mingling day this time at Hotel Astoria and O-baren at Stureplan, Stockholm (it’s all about entrepreneurship…) so I don’t think I will be able to do blogging until night. Meanwhile I hope you like my decoration tips in order you to get your best Christmas tree this year. You know I love all about home decoration and I am an agent for a Spanish brand REVERT within bedding. A new collection has just arrived so you know what to give as a present. If you are in Stockholm you can find it at Godnatt butiken. Let me know if you wonder.

Here comes the home decoration Miss Lopez tips for your Christmas tree! The first step is to decide what kind of tree to choose: natural or synthetic. If we choose the artificial (I prefer it) you can find it in infinite textures (tinsel, feathers, glass, cardboard, plastics, wood …), colors and concepts (there are ones only consisting of a triangular plate or minimalist).
The second step to resolve is the size. Some are Lilliputian, minimal expression of the Christmas tree and there are mammoth 🙂 In between there is a good string of lengths that depend, in any case, of the size of the room in which will be located. And here, moderation is a virtue as normally.

Once solved the above steps, we must face the decoration itself, that is, to embed the tree balls, angels, Santas, tinsel … and an endless array of figures and elements. And try not to mix more than two colors (at most three) … which has its own personality.
A good rule is, every year, favor a tone (one based on gold, one silver, one red, one white and green …).
Start with the lights, always from the inside out. The strong tones of garlands and balls (placed upside down in a zigzag), also further out. Needless to say, the proportions are critical. From this comes into play the imagination, not forgetting that children play a very important when decorating, if you have. Myself I think the whole process of getting to the Christmas day, it’s even more pleasant than the actual day. I hope you enjoy the Christmas process as well!
By the way, which Christmas tree are You? 🙂 Put the Christmas spirit at your home and Feelgood!