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Feelgood everybody 2011!

Hello!. Feelgood Womanhood to everybody!. Here Shakira  wishing everybody Happy New Year 2011 from Spain. She is the image of an Spanish cava´s ad, Freixenet so this is the picture. Nice, isn´t it?. Check Shakira´s NGO, Fundacion Pies Descalzos for a good cause this new year too!. I think everybody here is looking forward this new year to come for a new better life to everybody. I am. You know as my friend Eva from Galicia living in Stockholm says the Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.I agree. Miss Lopez from here wish you the Grand essentials of happiness from my home in Spain to you.

I am happy as I believe 2011 is going to be a good year for Miss Lopez too. Let´s keep our fingers crossed! 🙂

Let´s toast together wherever you are for a Happy New Year!

May Miss Lopez be your inspiration 2011 and Feelgood!

Miss Lopez tips to you for New Years Eve!

Hello!. Just a few hours for a New Year!. Here me getting ready at home for the big party. Do you want a new year 2011 full of nice things to happen to you?. I guess so. In Spain we have an old tradition at exactly 12:00 p.m. this night. Everybody must eat 12 grapes according to the clock to start the new year. For those who are not from Spain this is my tip to start 2011!. So God Luck!. Now you know what I am going to do at 12:00 pm! 🙂

Wanting a new cockstail to toast for the new year?. Here come my tip to toast this special night!. By the way, you can have it with or without alcohol!. Check it out!

Cocktail to toast the New Year

4 parts Cranberry juice
1 part Cointreau
1 dash of marc de cava (alternatively, you can use brandy)
1 dash lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar
Finish with champagne to taste

It´s produced in a shaker. Add all ingredients, except champagne, beating vigorously. With this mixture, fill 2 / 5 parts of a flute glass and ended up with chilled champagne. You can decorate with a twist of orange.
Full version without alcohol:
We can substitute the Cointreau and orange skin, so that the mixture aromatize the time to beat in the shaker, and soda or soda digs.
Enjoy New Year Eve preparations and Feelgood! 🙂 and do not forget the grapes or at least think about it!
I´ll be back soon with more news from New Years Eve from Spain!

Brasilian Gisele Bundchen´s new image. Check it out!

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen

See a new year is about to be born!, and what better time to renew your look. This was indeed what the model Gisele Bundchen has done breaking with her image of ‘top sexy’ to show her more androgynous, youthful … and unreal side! The thing is she is also going to save the world! Check it out! Gisele & the Green team! Very Miss Lopez but green.

On the one hand, her hair with coppery highlights and much shorter, Brazilian model is posing in the new season of signature Balenciaga for Spring-Summer 2011 . In some publications also appears without makeup and with hair slicked back. She have been taken by the photographer Steven Meisel and poses with the American model Yuri Pleskun .

And you what have you renewed of your look for this new year 2011?

Feel the flow inside of you and Feelgood!

Miss Lopez at TurGalicia today. Will you keep me the secret?…

Hola amigos y amigas after a long day. Well, yes will you keep me the secret? 🙂  I´ll tell you why. Today it has been a great day in Santiago de Compostela having a business meeting at Turgalicia, a public company, primary instrument of Galicia’s tourist policy, and responsible for adequately promoting the tourist resources in the Autonomous Region of Galicia in the north of Spain, the very green and beautiful Spain.  It´s great to be back here and having business meetings here as I was born in Galicia and there is something special about it, you´ll love it!. By the way, my business meeting of today has been about blogging and social media. Viva Miss Lopez blogging! 🙂

Here pictures of me in the train today from A Coruña to Santiago and then at Turgalicia´s office with so many nice people around working there. I must thank  specially Diego Vazquez and Anna Garcia, for being so helpful and for the delicious business meal we had together at an old typical Galician stoned house-restaurant . Nice!

The thing is there is something very special about Galicia as well as all the turist resources you can find here. You´ll bewitched, I promise!…I´ll tell you more another day. One of the best things about Galicia is that there is still a lot to discover for those looking for something different with quality: Galicia Calidade! Will you keep me the secret? 🙂 Specially for you…I´ll show to you!

Vivan Miss Lopez´s secrets to you about Galicia and Feelgood!

FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD with love from Galicia to you!

Going shopping in A Coruña today and business meetings tomorrow

Hello amigos y amigas!. It feels so good in La Coruña, or A Coruña as many say specially those pro-Galicia nacionalist.  Galicia is a region in the north west of Spain, with a beautiful green nature. Temperature here is normally very mild and rainy but I love it as it is so green. Galicia is part of the green Spain with Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque country. Did you know that Galicia, Basque country and Catalunya, all in the north of Spain where Barcelona is, have a very different culture from the rest of Spain with even our own language?. Galician language is closer to Portuguese and I´ve studied it at school too. I must say I love lifestyle in the north of Spain and I sincerely recommend it. You´ll love it!
My mother is from Galicia and my father was from Madrid so I feel from both places. Everytime I come to Oleiros, Galicia where I have my own place that I love, I enjoy going to Bastiagueiro or Santa Cruz beach even if it´s rainy, I´ll show it another day and of course I love doing shopping. It´s so great shopping here with Zara everywhere among many others shops like Serrano with me in a coat in the picture and malls. But first today I went to the hairdresser, nice! as you can see me the picture. I went to the mall, the famous El Corte Ingles, among others and of course I got in contact with some of my old friends getting ready to the big party this friday, New Years Eve!. Here in the picture with an old friend, Justo Grandal that as you can see he is in “love” with Germany and Berlin. Check out his t-shirt! Fun! 🙂 I´ll tell you why another day…
Tomorrow I´m going to Santiago de Compostela, the final goal of the pilgrims way and now thanks to my blog I am having a business meeting there. Cool!
Viva Miss Lopez´s blog everywhere in the world and Feelgood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD
More news coming soon…From Galicia, Spain with love to you!

Wearing my mother´s dress

Hello again! Miss Lopez here. I am so happy I am with my mother right now. Something I do miss while living abroad in Sweden is my mother. I miss her so much. Her name is Hortensia like the flower and she is my icon and my source of inspiration too. I´ll tell you more about my mother another day. Here you see me with her old dress that I love and I were it proudly as you can see. I do like this picture with my mother´s dress and earrings and armband of Cueva Art & Design. I hope you like this picture too from Jini Sofia.

We are having fun together as we are getting updated with all my latest news, from Sweden! 🙂

Viva mi madre and Feelgood! By the way she loves my blog and read it every day from Spain. Cool!


Miss Lopez taking it easy in Barcelona

miss lopez

miss lopez

Hola amigos!. Barcelona is great!. I am back to you this time from home Spain and I am so happy to be here. I have just arrived to La Coruña after being in Barcelona having a good time too. Here you see me at night at the Gothic area, the market, Las Ramblas and during the day at the official Barcelona football shop at Paseo de Gracia in the chic area in Barcelona among other places I have been too.

In Barcelona I have the change the meet a friend too and talked about business. Great to have a repporter directly from Barcelona sending you the latest news. Today I am going to take it easy and tomorrow time to enjoy with shopping, family and friends.

I am a bit tired today so I´ll be back with more news from Spain soon.

Hasta la vista babies! 🙂

Get dressed with glamour for success. Check it out!

Elegancia por Navidad

Elegancia por Navidad

Elegancia por Navidad

Elegancia por Navidad

Hello!. I am thinking, what should I wear in my new coming party in Spain. And you, don´t you make yourself this question whatever you are in the world? To answer this question, I collected images of the ‘celebrities’ most glamorous like Latina Jessia Alba, Spanish Paz Vega, Taylor Swift or Natalia Vodanova among others during their participation in recent events. I hope you get a bit of inspiration from Miss Lopez. Viva Miss Lopez´s tips! 🙂

My favourite one is Jessica Alba´s and yours?

Whatever you choose, Feelgood with glamour! I love it! 🙂


Miss Lopez tips: Find your make up look for this holydays

Miss Lopez´s tips

Hello! Are you getting ready for New years eve?. I am. Party nights, where you want to be dazzling. Have you already chosen your look for your holiday commitments? I give you proposals for all tastes, from more colorful natural and fresh, others more festive, with intense red-toned lips and smoky eyes . Let´s see what I choose!. I´ll show to you later.

And remmember whatever you choose, Feelgood!.


I am going home for…New Year´s Eve!

A los españoles cada vez nos gusta más redecorar la casa

Hello my friends!. Miss Lopez speaking…I miss my home in Spain. Today I am getting ready for my trip to Spain and I am really looking forward into it. I must say I have had an amazing pre and Christmas time with so many parties in Sweden, Great! so Thanks Sweden and my Swedish friends too but it feels good now to go back home in Spain at least for New Year´s eve. I must say the spirit of New Year eve in Spain is completely awesome and for sure there is nothing like it. Viva Spain! 🙂

Nice to be at home with all the Spanish touch decoration, with family and friends. While travelling, as I am going to be in many places enjoying the wonderful Spanish lifestyle that I love so much. First in Barcelona and then Galicia so my blogging can be not that frequent though I hope not. You know now so I hope in that case for your understanding. I´ll be there with my computer, my modern mobile and camera and for sure I´ll bring you more Miss Lopez´s news, but this time from Spain.

I wish to myself Bon Voyage!

Buen Viaje in Spanish and Feelgood waiting for me. I´ll be back!


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