What a great mingling day. Viva the Latin touch in Sweden too!

Hello amigos! News with a Latin touch from Sweden, in fact top class Latin style and design news right in the center of Stockholm. Just a while ago, you’ve got the news from my guest blogger, Victoria Gomez now in Uruguay, South America (she’ll be back) so now it’s time to come back with more Latin news this time in Scandinavia with Miss Lopez.

What a great mingling day I’ve had today from early morning to late evening! It’s great to be a blogger with Miss Lopez female super powers, don’t you agree? 🙂 In fact, I am working a lot to promote Feelgood Womanhood to everybody and as I’ve said even men like Miss Lopez’s blog. Great! Mingling is about marketing and this is my main purpose today. Fun but a lot of work too, everything for a good cause in order to make you Feel Goooood, so spread the good news you too.

In the pictures that were taken during the evening you see me with two very nice french men from Marseille, South of France in the wine business in Sweden, La Bégade, wine club with the best rosé wine from France. It has been an open house to celebrate the first year at the new local for Dahl Agency in Sweden. By the way, Alexander Dahl from Sweden in the other picture with Miss Lopez blogg at his back. Have a look!

Dahl agency imports high quality decoration brands from Italy, France and Spain as far as I know. Their mission is to offer a personal touch and high service giving a handpicked selection of carpets, furniture, lighting and accessories from Europe’s top design manufacturers and designers. For sure it sounds as a good cooperation with Miss Lopez. Don’t you agree?

Viva la dolce vita with top class Latin brands, and Feelgood.

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