Miss Lopez with Amelia, fashion designer in Stureplan

Hi again!
Today I have been invited to a fashion mingle in Stureplan by a contact for my company. The fun thing is that the fashion designer, Amelia is her name in the picture, happened to be from Rumania and I realized that they are Latins too as they speak a very similar language to Spanish and Italian so we could talk in our native languages. Good, isn’t it?
In fact, if you understand Spanish, you are very likely to undertand Italian, Portuguese; and French is much easier as well as all together have Latin as basis. Multi task learning as I say. Probably it’s a good idea for you to learn Spanish these days and you can go classes to Instituto Cervantes, everywhere in the world. They is one in Stockholm too.
This week will be a busy week with a lot of mingling too so I’ll be back soon with more news with a Latin touch!
Viva the Latin news from Sweden too and Feelgood! 🙂