El Bulli, world's best restaurant soon creative hub of culinary research

Ferran Adrià

Hello again! More about Ronaldo tomorrow after the El Clasico match, but now back to my cooking tips, specially if they are from Spain where I come from. Talking about the good cuisine, there is something special when a man is in the kitchen, in fact I wonder why the real good chefs are all men. What do you think? Anyway I like men good at cooking as nothing is as chic as to be served by a real gentleman with a delicious meal. Don´t you agree? 🙂  Actually I think high cuisine is art too!. You must be really creative to be good at it!

Well, in the picture the Spanish genius in the kitchen is Ferran Adriá. El Bulli’s Ferran Adrià will close its doors before its re-opening in 2014, and will become a creative hub of culinary research, so this is the last year that has three current Michellin stars. I haven’t been there, maybe next time.

It has been the Michelin Guide awards these days that as far as culinary awards are concerned, is the most important internationally. One of the reasons I really suggest to you the north of Spain to eat like Galicia is because the quality of the cuisine there is very high, top class, as in the Basque country, San Sebastian and Catalunya, Barcelona. I really like the north of Spain, the green Spain. In fact check at the list of the restaurants awarded, mostly from the north of Spain. Check it out!


Restaurants with three stars:
El Bulli (Roses, Girona)
Can Fabes (Sant Celoni, Barcelona)
Sant Pau (Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona)
El Celler de Can Roca (Girona)
Arzak (San Sebastian)
Martin Berasategui (Lasarte, Guipúzcoa)
Akelarre (San Sebastian)
Second star restaurants premiere:
Azurmendi (Larrabetzu, Vizcaya)
Miramar (Llançá, Girona)
Ramón Freixa (Madrid)
Calima (Marbella, Málaga)
Premiere first star:
Caelis (Barcelona)
Two Skies (Barcelona)
Hisop (Barcelona)
Moments (Barcelona)
Capritx (Terrassa, Barcelona)
Ferrero (Valencia)
Gadus (Mallorca)
Sieve (Mallorca)
Alborada (A Coruña)
Maruja Limón (Vigo)
Sale Moncalvillo (Daroca Rioja)
Mirador de Ulia (San Sebastian)
Kabuki (Madrid)
Aponiente (Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz)
By Martin Berasategui Santo (Sevilla)
Arrop (Valencia)
Ikea (Vitoria)

And now, who wants (or dare) to invite MissLopez to a really good meal? 🙂

Dare to show off the chef in you and Feelgood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

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