Wonder how Real Madrid is getting ready for El Clasico tomorrow?

Hello again! And thanks so much for your feedback! I can see many guys like the last link about Cristiano Ronaldo. So cooooooool. I wonder why so many men like Miss Lopez :)…Let me know what you think, please!
Well, so would you like to know how they, Real Madrid players are getting ready for the big match tomorrow against Barcelona? Of course with a good Spanish meal. Here you can see, Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos among others in Madrid after having dinner in a restaurant in Madrid. And the thing is you must be cool anyway, not matter what waiting for the big thing to come, in this case, El Clasico. I’ll come back another day with more Spanish recipes but meanwhile stay cool for tomorrow. By the way, become a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, you too!
And you how are you getting ready?
Be cool and Feelgood. Thanks to all men that are reading my blogg! Viva!!