Are you ready for El Clásico with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Hello everybody! I’ve just been reading the news before I go to bed and I started blogging again when I saw this picture of Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani’s ad a while ago. What a body! 🙂 Don´t you agree? I hope the Real Madrid football player can give a bit of inspiration to everybody…
The thing is El Clasico match betwen Real Madrid and Barcelona is about to begin next Monday and already now it’s a lot of expectation among Ronaldo fans everywhere (now I am his fan too.  Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest on Facebook, by the way). Myself I have been at some football matches in Spain and the spirit there is just amazing! Well I am not really much into football but when it’s something like El Clasico and with Ronaldo, then of course it’s interesting to me. I’ve read on the Spanish news, Ronaldo himself is nervous about this coming match but he just pretends to be cool…very cool to the press and fans. Silly Fake “coolness” as they say in Spain though I can understand him as he must have a lot of press on him.
Cool or not cool, Ronaldo is very hot, don’t you agree? 🙂
Sweet dreams and a little kiss+++