Princess Madeleine of Sweden: Feelgood Womanhood too

A la princesa Magdalena se la pudo ver bromeando con su cuñado, un claro signo de que parece haber dejado atrás el dolor por su ruptura con Jonas Bergström
Hello from Sweden. Reading the Royal news I saw this picture and I felt I´d like to share the spirit of Feelgood with all of you. The Swedish Royal Family with the exception of Prince Carl Philip, was dressed up to participate in a very special occasion in Stockholm. The king Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden, with the Princesses Victoria and Madeleine and Prince Daniel greeted the members of the Swedish Parliament in the Royal Palace.
The three ladies of the royal family were who “reigned” in style. And more important than that, Madeleine seems to Feelgood and at one point you could see her (in the picture) joking with Prince Daniel. Undoubtedly, a good and clear sign that she has turned the pain of her break with Jonas Bergström. I really like this picture. Well I´d say a clear sign of FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD too, isn´t it?
I love laughing and it´s contageous, like love. 🙂 Share the joy in you and Feelgood!