Fun afterwork at Gaudi with Lopez Awards info meeting

Hello amigos! Here are the pictures from the Lopez Awards info meeting. A very casual meeting with friends and I must say we’ve had fun over expectations. I mean it was great though it was kind of easy but good. You never know what makes a party a good one, that’s the tricky thing, the unexpected. And it’s that we Latins know how to have fun for real. Nothing like the real thing! 🙂

In the picture you see Miss Lopez to the right, Andreas Giallourakis, Victoria Gomez from Uruguay and Vanita Bergman to the left. Vanita got an armband/bracelet from TOUS Stockholm as well as a Latin makeover at ZARA to venture the entrepreneur in her. Good, isn’t it?

Would you like tips for a Latin makeover? 🙂 Let me know!

This was like a test but more fun is about to come soon to make you Feel Good! By the way, I do like so many guys love too the idea about Miss Lopez: FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD to everybody!