Do you know the origins of Thanksgiving today in USA? Check it out!

Hello! I used to travel often to USA a while ago (I’ll tell you the reason another day) and remembered that today it’s Thanksgiving in USA. Few celebrations in the United States are as important as Thanksgiving Day. Held the fourth Thursday in November, it is a day when families gather around the table to enjoy a sumptuous dinner. No matter where you are, Americans are able to cross the entire United States to keep this appointment, which is more important even than Christmas itself. Good as a family event, don’t you agree?

Well, but would you like to know the origins? The origins of this festival date back to 1621, when the first settlers arrived aboard the Mayflower on the shores of North America, specifically Plymouth (Massachusetts). The story goes that one winter was particularly difficult, but the Indians provided them with all help to survive in those inhospitable lands unknown to them. Despite the harshness of winter, the corn crop was very abundant and these pioneers decided to organize a great feast of thanks. They invited a group of Indians who participated with them in the preparation of various games and races and, of course, with turkey. This is what I call good cultural interaction! But today I’d like to suggest you a different way to cook turkey, stuffed with spinach, raisins and pine nut! Check it out!

600 g turkey breast
2 potatoes
1 onion
1 clove garlic
1 / 2 dl white wine
200 g spinach
50 g currants
50 g pine nuts
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
How: To make the potatoes, peel, cut into thin slices and place them in a baking dish. Peel and cut the onion into thin strips, chop the garlic finely and mix with potatoes, a little oil and wine. Put in the oven to 180 º C and leave until the potatoes are tender.
In a skillet with oil, half the pine nuts when making color add half of the raisins and spinach. Remove, drain and set aside.
Make thin slices turkey breast with salt and pepper. Spread the meat on a plate and place on it the sautéed spinach with raisins and pine nuts. Roll fillets and close to the film so that it is airtight. Place meat in a bowl with hot water and cook for 10 minutes. Cut the meat into slices and remove the cling film. To make the sauce, fry in a pan the rest of raisins and pine nuts, remove from heat and pour a splash of balsamic vinegar and chopped parsley.
Why not to try it in a different way? Enjoy Thanksgiving day the way you want and Feelgood!