Wedding dresses are for the summer 2011

Todos los vestidos de novia de Cibeles, a un 'click'

Hello world from a very cold Sweden today!

Sorry about the delay, but the cold weather today in Sweden may have an influence on my computer. Yes, talking about weather it seems like Prince William and Miss Middleton have put a date already and according to this, they are going to get married next year, 29th April at Westminster because of the weather. And it’s that weddings are for the summer or spring, don’t you think? ( I just like the expression, for the summer).  Myself I’ve moved once to Sweden to marry a Swede during the summer years ago though now I am not married anymore. Single now! 🙂

In the picture you see the Bridal catwalk in Madrid Cibeles Fashion show for 2011 these days. I used to have my own company and shop with wedding dresses in Karlavägen, Stockholm quite long time ago but I am afraid I had to close as I have been robbed at night and they took Östermalm! A pity! Well even if it was a hard time for me I am the kind of person I don’t really give up so now thanks to my blogg I can start again. In fact I have been contacted these days by many fashion companies from Spain, Italy…I’ll let you know more later on.

Now let’s see if wedding dresses are for me too next summer! 🙂 though first I should find the right one, don’t you agree?

Never give up your dreams whatever and Feelgood!