Everybody is welcome to Lopez Awards info meeting

Jennifer López y su hija Emme

Yes everybody! Even the one and only J.Lo is invited if she wanted. 🙂 Nice picture by the way!
So everybody is invited tomorrow to Lopez awards info meeting at restaurant Gaudi (like the Spanish artist) at Sergelgatan 1, Stockholm. Do you want to make good business with a Latin touch? Are you interested in Spanish / Latin American culture and lifestyle? Then come tomorrow, just like that without previous advice! We Latins know how to be spontaneous and enjoy life. Simply, No problema. 🙂
Maybe next time? It’d be great! Here we have J.Lo in California, USA at the debut of their children and very, very happy. I must say I like her more and more as she is a wise woman that seems to get balance in life with work, family…The singer and entrepreneur wanted to pose next to the stars of the campaign for Gucci kids: her daughter Emme, in the picture who came with a signature dress in blue.
Gucci  launches its collection at World Children’s Day, and has been working since 2005 with the initiative, Schools for Africa, UNICEF, and which has already allocated up to $ 9 million. The new children’s collection is a generous commitment to solidarity whose aim is to raise funds for education programs in sub-Saharan Africa, to help finance activities such as building schools, and implementation of health programs, nutrition and hygiene among children. Perfect, that’s what glamour is for, to help those who need it! I hope that I, MissLopez will be able to do something like that one day with your help, Thanks in advance!
Enjoy the spirit of Lopez Awards and Feelgood! Thank You.