MissLopez tips: Get dressed by the richest Latina in Hollywood, next 2011

Yes, the richest Latina on earth, J. Lopez is about to launch a new clothing brand next year, 2011, but this time with her husband, Marc Anthony. What a business woman! So there will be a new women collection by J.Lo for cool women and one for cool guys by Marc Anthony from California, definely with a Latin touch for everybody.  I thought it was great when I listened to the video the press conference in Los Angeles that it was both in English and Spanish as Marc speaks Spanish. I look forward to see the new collection, don’t you? By the way, I am going to get a new collection from Spain at MissLopez agency, and I’ll tell you more later when I’ve got it.
It’s fun with Latino clothes, don’t you agree? Viva fashion with a Latin touch!