MissLopez cooking tips: “pannkakor” with Galicia´s touch

Hola amigos y amigas again! Does it not happen to you sometimes that you are out of imagination about cooking? What should I have for lunch today or something like that? This is exactly what happened to me today. I remembered I must buy my tickets today to Barcelona and then to La Coruña, Galicia in the north of Spain and how tasty food is there, like the Galician “pannkakor” in the picture. Did you know that they are very popular and it’s a typical dish there too though we eat them more as a dessert? Flour, eggs and milk are the main ingredients to prepare some delicious crepes (we say crepes in Spain though in Galicia we say “filloas”). Of course one of the main attractions of Galicia is its rich and varied cuisine .. Excellent meats, a wide variety of cheeses, a wide range of soups and stews, not forgetting, of course, its magnificent seafood and fish…I miss the taste so much! In addition, Galicia also is famous for its delicious pastries, like the classic crepes, or filloas in the picture.

Crepes origin is found in the Roman times, aprox 2.000 years ago,(Cool!, isn’t it?) prepared with honey, eggs and milk at that time. It was later when it added the flour. Anyway, this kind of food was very typical in all areas where there was plenty of cereal. So now we see this delicious dessert in many corners of the world: in France under the name of crepe, in Russia blinis or Mexico as pancakes and even in Sweden, pannkakor. I love them! 🙂
In Galicia we eat them with a little sugar and lemon juice. But it also can be accompanied with other ingredients such as jam, chocolate, custard, etc. See more about Galicia and Spain. Viva Galicia where I have my house by the sea! Are you coming to Galicia with me? 🙂 Cool, if you do!

Enjoy crepes with a Latin touch and Feelgood!