MissLopez´s friends in New York at Lanvin fashion show for H&M

Hello my friends. After a busy day as an art/fashion teacher model today I am so happy being at home and alone right now. It has been too much mingling this week and I need to be on my own, well just for a while.

Yesterday I have been at Berns with a lot of friends and I happened to see and talk with one of the biggest bloggers in Sweden, so you know, Blondinbella. Her name is Isabella, almost like mine, Spanish Isabel and I have told her I’d like to ask her some questions about blogging as I have been doing a studie about Feelgood Networking from SU, that’s why I have met Vanita Bergman. Great I’ll tell you more about it later!

Today I have been working as a model for a Swedish fashion chain,  secret for the moment, in a scary ad. I must admit I love art and fashion and that’s the reason I am so happy. I have one of my Spanish fashionist friends living in New York to tell me the latest news about fashion to share it with you. And the great news is she has been at the latest French Lanvin show in New York for Swedish H&M. By the way, it’s doing great in Spain too despite Spanish Zara. She saw Andie MacDowell and her daughter with the super fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. My friend meet Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann as well with a red tulle gown collection. Check the pictures!

Thank God I have friends at the other side of the Atlantic so I can share fashion news from N.Y. too to you. That’s what are friends are for! Don’t you agree? 🙂

Fashion is art! Express yourself! Viva la moda and Feelgood!