Going “tapas” in Spain everywhere

Hello! I’ll tell you today about something very Spanish: going tapas or I may say “ir de tapas”, which means jumping from bar to bar, mingling and having a small dish with a drink at each place. A different mingling way than in Sweden for example. I love it! and this is something I really miss while abroad, the spontaneous networking way of Spain!
Like in a  few meters from Gran Via, Madrid today one of the most cool places in the capital,  but this “tapeo” you can do it at almost any town or city in Spain. A somewhat neglected area before turn now into a sort of London Soho with  art galleries, restaurants … so I propose ‘Ia Ruta de las tapas in Triball ‘.

Among the suggestions, some as appetizing in the picture ‘Piquillo  mussel velouté with saffron ‘, or ‘French toast cooked with cane foam of potatoes. So if you are planning to travel to Madrid these days I suggest BAR BIBLOS at Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 4.
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Feelgood going tapas in Spain and Feelgood!