Good Morning and more mingel with Jenny and Angelica too

Hello!. Sorry I forgot to tell you that the other day I´ve been in a seminarium, Good Morning 2020 for the future to come  about entrepreneurship at Grand Hotel, Stockholm. Among others, I had the change to meet really nice people like the photo experts at the event, Jenny Puranne and Angelica Söderberg, and businesswomen from Slottstudion in Sweden. We´ve talked about business too so let´s see.

To be honest I love talking pictures too and pose in from of the camera too.  By the way, I´ve been asked to be a model for an ad company this Saturday for a few hours early in the morning but I´ll tell more later afterwards. I hope then to have a Good Morning too! :). I may show you the pictures then,  let´s see!.

You´ll never really know what networking will bring to you.

So Viva el mingling 🙂 and Feelgood!. FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD