Do you have a warm Latino heart?. Follow Klubb Latino too

Helo again!. MissLopez again, Thank God I have my assistant, MisterLopez to give me a hand sometimes!.

Here me with my other blogger, Victoria Gomez at Klubb Latino (you can find it at Facebook too) with her founder at Stockholm´s University. Well, the thing is You do not need to be a latino, to have a latin heart. In fact there is so many supposed to be “cold” people like Swedes, Victoria´s boy-friend, Daniel Sköld, entrepreneur with his own company in Sweden, falling for the warm Latino heart of Victoria. Who does not need a bit of love, cheer and care sometimes?. In fact everybody!. That´s why MissLopez is here to share to the whole world the Latin “heart”!.

At Klubb Latino I´ve had the change too to promote Lopez Awards meeting next week at Restaurant Gaudi, Sergelgatan 1, Stockholm. Just come and You´ll have the change to get a Latino makeover too. Nice…

Dare to show you care 🙂 and Feelgood!.

Puss from MissLopez to everybody!