MissLopez: Latina Christina Aguilera on the walk of fame

Hello! Yes even if she doesn’t look like it (she actually looks like Blondinbella from Sweden), she is Latina too as she has roots from South America. The fun thing Latinos are really mixed up and you can find almost all kind of looks, blondes, brunettes, red hair…a bit of everything 🙂
See, Christina Aguilera (very Spanish surname by the way) was officially awarded her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday and she couldn’t be prouder.  Sometimes dreams come true and now she has a star of her own.
Well another Latina who have earned a Hollywood Star! Felicidades! Well I believe if you really know what you want and you go for it, you’re very likely to get what you want. Upp to you! Good, isn’t it?
Go forward for what you really want and Feelgood!