Kevin Costner and life is not just about work!

Hi there! Do you remember the handsome Kevin Costner? I used to like him very much. Good to hear some news about him. Here you see Kevin with his wife. Undoubtedly, the couple is going through one of his best moments after last June to become parents for the third time.
You know I love films so here come my new film’s news. These days the actor is immersed in the promotion of his latest film with Ben Affleck, J.Lo ex. Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones and Craig T. Nelson, among others. The film directed and written by John Wells is an independent drama that tells a highly topical issue: the story of three men who have to deal with the downsizing of their company.
This film is about the materialism we live in as many of us put all focus on work but what really matters is that you have your family waiting at home, explained the actor during the presentation.
I do agree, the most importance is to get balance in life. Three things are in life, work (money), health and love as we say in Spain and all are important, so do not forget any of them.
Look forward for balance in your life and Feelgood.