Not without my computer. Check best inventions in 2010

Hello! Since I’m blogging every day I see how important my computer is to me. Scary in a way. I don’t really know if it’s that good, but it’s true that I can’t live without my computer. I’m afraid this is the world we live in and we are nothing today without the new technologies!
Interesting I think. Actually there is a list of the 50 best inventions of 2010, which Time magazine published in an article. The list contains all kinds, self-propulsion engines with which a man can fly, etc… but also includes major medical and scientific advances, such as a mosquito designed to combat malaria.
But if there is an invention that by now has changed the life of many people around the world is the iPad. I think 2010 will pass in history as the year that changed the way of using the Internet to the user level, but also as the year that set a new horizon for many industries including media within internet. I’ve just got a new super mobile, a Nokia 19 to be able to blogging everywhere so you know! And one question to you, what do you think, is our need of computers,  scary or not? Let me know!
Internet or social media will never replace the human contact but it helps!
Viva the new technologies and Feelgood! Feelgood Networking as I call it.