Follow Zumba in Luleå with Carolina Bustamante!

Hello!. More Zumba news from my friend Carlos Ibañez at Zumba4u in Stockholm.
Every Monday he has classes and sometimes he brings new intructors.  This time he had a collaboration with this new Zumba instructor, Carolina Bustamante in the picture. She has started in Colombia, when she got the Zumba DVD and trained at home more or less 5 years ago. After a year living in Sweden, she saw a commercial on TV about Zumba while in the hospital rested for an operation. And at that moment she decided to continue training here in Sweden, and made it every day. That led to visit the website, and thus became an instructor. She lives in the north of Sweden in Luleå where Zumba has arrived but is growing slowly. It´s coming! 🙂
She told Carlos she loves the Latin rhythms in combination with training. And after having met Zumba grew her interest in training and feelgood. Good!
She wants to share the feeling with you all!
Viva Zumba even at the north of Sweden! 🙂
So Zumba and  Feelgood!