Today at Stockholm’s film festival

Hello again! Talking about Hollywood actors from Galicia as Emilio Estevez in my last post, this time we are going to Sweden, Stockholm. Do you know Stockholm´s film festival will start in just a few days? Check it out! Here I am at Stockholm’s film festival premier for people in the branch today at Skandia cinema in Stockholm. I couldn’t stay as much as I wish but better than nothing! 🙂

Here you can see me as well with a friend of mine, Tommy Hansson, president of film extras in Sweden. Check his site: Statist Tommie. I’d like to bring to you more news in the future about film production companies from Sweden in my blog as I like so much the seventh art, as it called. Sweden used to be a great film producer country, still now. And you do you like Swedish film?

Enjoy the seventh art to you in Stockholm and Feelgood!