Good time for Latin women: Eva Mendes in Madrid

Eva Mendes en 'Los otros dos'

Here comes one of my favourite Latinas, Eva Mendes, the sexiest woman of the moment. So now we are going to Madrid this time as Eva Mendes is in Spain to present her new film The other two, with Will Ferrell, a genius that everything he touches turns to gold and that Eva loves to work with. She’d rather work with him than Brad Pitt! Good to know! Besides her beauty, the Latina actress, 36, again shows her talent for comedy in this film in which besides acting even dares to sing for the first time in front of the camera.  With an agenda full of projects, the ambition of Eva Mendes goes far beyond being a model, actress or director of a short film, her next dream is to direct a film.  She said is a good time for Latina actresses” as Latinas are very popular right now in Hollywood and explains that marriage is not in her near plans. Who will be the lucky one to marry Eva?

And you, why do you think Latin women are so popular right now? Could it be the warm Latin touch? :). Let me know!

Hasta la vista baby, and remember, FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!