Would you dare to break with your partner on Facebook?

Hola! That Facebook now occupies much of the lives of many people is no longer a secret. However, it is surprising that according to a survey conducted by SNAP Interactive, creators of the application “Are you Interested?” which serves to link through Facebook and iPhone, it is increasingly common these days to break with your partner through Facebook. Amazing, isn’t it?

The study, published by The Inquisitr , conducted with 1,000 users-70 per cent of men and 30 of women show that 25 percent of respondents ever read on the wall of their partners a message announcing that their relationship had broken, without trying to communicate before. In fact, nearly 40 percent of respondents have ever updated their status while having a relation. So unromantic! Too bad. I must say about Love “nothing like the real thing” :).
So dare to give a kiss to the love of your dreams instead and FEELGOOD!