MissLopez tips: Do you need a break? I do

Meetings, phonecalls, hurry … Oh, my God, I feel I need a break and relax. Does it happen to you sometimes? There are times when our body (and mind) say we need to stop. And it occasionally it can actually be very good if only for a few minutes. I’ll tell my tips to make your home the perfect retreat to restore balance.

  • Choose music that brings feelings of pleasure and relaxation, from classical music to Chinese and Japanese melodies with sounds of nature.
  • After selecting the music and comfortable clothes, light a candle with a color and an aroma that helps you relieve stress. An exotic combination of light and aromas to bathe in style, energy and wellness personal space.
  • Meditate and try to think of nothing if you can, while contemplating the shapes of the flames.
  • Burning incense can also makes you feel good and relax. And accompanying this with a relaxing tea before bed. Tila from Spain!
  • Using beautiful, high quality bedding products like bed spreads…helps you to get in the right atmosphere before sleeping. Like the ones you can find at Godnatt butiken in Stockholm. There you can find bed-spreads from Spanish Revert with manufactures from France/Spain. See more at MissLopez Shopping.

Sweet dreams from MissLopez to you all and Feelgood!