Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo compensated by the ‘Daily Telegraph’

Hello everybody! 🙂 No, this is not MisterLopez but Cristiano Ronaldo at a photo session in Madrid for Armani a while ago. I know what you may think, what a handsome guy, isn’t he? But not only that, he knows how to make justice. I believe in justice and I don’t like the idea that media or people in general defame others for any reason, to make money maybe? The British newspaper Daily Telegrapht these days accepted compensation to the Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo for false information after publishing in July 2008 a briefing on “the good life” the player in a club in Hollywood had, during an ankle injury recovery and found to be false. Ronaldo’s lawyer, Allan Dunlavy explained that the newspaper had accepted that the allegations were untrue, apologized for it and will pay for damages and legal costs of the process.
This is what I call justice. Use a lawyer if needed but fight for your rights and Feelgood