Check this study: Babies on internet too!

Not me in the picture, if you may wonder! 🙂
Social networks have become the best way to keep our contacts ‘informed’ for everything that happens, within the scope of a simple click. Many parents do not hesitate to share the happy moments of the family, or publish good news,’e-mail’ …
Did you know that 81 percent of mothers with children under 2 years claims to have shared, on some occasion, photos of their children on the Internet, being from 6 months the average age? The data, published by security company Internet AVG, are based on the use made of the network in countries like USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain, and the result is that 23 percent of the children has a presence in social networks from even before birth, like in the picture :). If that’s so now at their early age how it will be as grown ups. I do wonder. And you what do you think?
Use social networking the right way and Feelgood