Get your bed-spread from MissLopez at Godnatt, Stockholm

Hello again! Here is me when I went to visit one the retailers of MissLopez agency within bedding cloths in Stockholm. Such a comfortable bed, Oh my God! This is one of the Godnatt shops/sängkompaniet in Stockholm; actually they have two, one in Karlaplan, Östermalm and the other one in Brommaplan, rondellen. In the Brommaplan shop, in the picture you’ll be attended by AnnaSara Lundgren, such a nice and service-minded girl! There you’ll find the best quality in bedding and of course the brand I am agent for, REVERT from Spain, specialist in bed-spreads. This brand with high quality products sell in over 60 countries all around the world. Revert as a reliable company that thanks to their engagement with “global quality” are now textile export leaders.
Everybody have the right to get the best products in bedding. Nothing like a good sleep! 🙂
Get your Spanish bed-spread from MissLopez bedding/ Revert and Feelgood!