Check out a tender J.Lo at Malibú beach, California

Hello amigos y amigas! This time we are going to California, USA to check the latest J. Lopez’s video for Gucci with her kids in Malibú beach! So tender! What a good mother and entrepreneur woman she is, both at the same time! I was amazed when I watched it, as it seems like being for me in one of the beaches where I grew up in the north of Spain,  La Coruña. I love nice beaches like this one, The Malibú beach,  and all my childhood I have been surrounded by similar ones, close to water. I miss my beach!!! :). Check more at TurGalicia
J. Lopez said in the video it was a fun shoot on the beach. She loved the whole experience that also has a supportive goal: to raise funds for UNICEF’s work with projects, which adds special meaning to work. Great! Exactly what I’d like to do with MissLopez! 🙂
Enjoy beaches both in Spain and California and Feelgood! By the way, did you know that California was a part of Spain a long time ago? Hasta la Vista baby!