MissLopez: I like sisters in business and KREO’s workshop

Hola amigas y amigos otra vez! 🙂 Here you see me with sisters in business in a work-shop organised for just women by KREO to make the best of women’s business. On the right you see me with Annika Löfgren in charge of the event.  She also works at sistersinbusiness and I love the name! The heart in KREO is a way of thinking and acting while creating innovative business concepts. The method is based on research and best practiced within the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. It is a business development process including ways of early customer involvement, visualized idea development tools and creative thinking tools. The customers experience the methodology as simple, time efficient and good fun. I love that about being effective as time is nothing to waste! Time is gold, don’t you think?

Good to get your goals with the right methods. And you, are you a talker or a doer?

Be a doer 🙂 and Feelgood