Would you like MissLopez to be your ambassador for women’s entrepreneurship?

Hello! If that is so, let me know and I’ll visit you if you’re in Sweden as I am Ambassador for women’s entrepreneurship. Here you see me at Stockholm´s school fair  in Sweden as Ambassador for Tillväxtverket. This Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, is the national coordinator for the ambassadors for women’s entrepreneurship. The Agency strives for the creation and expansion of enterprises and for a sustainable and competitive business community throughout Sweden. Interesting, isn’t it? More information: and
During the three days of Skolforum the exhibition hall is teeming with activities, and in every corner there’s something happening. In addition to the extended exhibition and comprehensive seminar programme Skolforum also include many activities open for all visitors.
Don’t miss the change to promote women’s entrepreneurship at Swedish schools and Feelgood!