“Smartinas”: Walk chic and confort with flat shoes, like Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey y Nick Cannon
Hola amigos y amigas! You know the artist Mariah Carey is living one of her most special moments right now although she is already suffering the discomforts of pregnancy.  Her greatest hits album Christmas, Merry Christmas II you, is about to go on sale, and she also plans to record a television special with these issues. That’s why she  needs to be as comfortable as possible so her husband has already made the first gift to her, 20 pair of flat shoes!
In her Twitter page in the picture the star has a photo surrounded by boxes of shoes with a caption that says: “Nick just brought me about twenty pairs of flat shoes!” And is that Nick is “scared”  to see that in the closet of his wife there were only high heels.
So walk chic and confort with flat shoes like Spanish Smartinas and Feelgood!
Besides you can take a pair with you everywhere, even in you pocket!. Check it out!: Smartinas by VictoriaDelef that MissLopez sells in Sweden. Why not try them? 🙂
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