MissLópez: I do love gentlemen style in & out!

Hello again! It’s not a contradiction! You may think I am a bit old fashioned but me, MissLopez love gentlemen style at any time, both in & out. I think it’s a pity that in our post-modern society, many men have lost the gentleman’s manners and it may not be their fault as feminist movement have seen this as sexist, but I do not agree. I am very much for women rights but still love when men at any occasion show off the gentlemen in them. What´s wrong with being a real gentleman? I love it! 🙂
Here again, today I am going to give you my tips (as I know many men read my blog too) about fashion. Knowing how to dress well, especially when speaking of the male wardrobe, is a matter of taste and style, always adhered colors, patterns and specific tissues. However, the key is in the small things: Do you want to know the details?
1- shiny shoes. Whether they are new or bought ten years ago, the shoes should look almost, almost like a mirror.
2. The hair, the right balance. Neither long nor short, but quite the opposite. Your hairstyle says a lot about yourself: A good cut is the best card.
3. Use a gentle colony, but male. The powerful effect of the perfume you know!.  It is not equivalent to the amount of product so take time to choose the fragrance that best suits you.
4. Make sure that the accessories to coordinate with the rest of the look. Always with balance in mind!
5. Colors in hand. I love colors! Although the total look (dressed entirely in one color) is more fashionable than ever, there are times to break the monotony is not only fun, but it adds a daring and chic to your person .
6. Iron, iron, iron. It seems obvious, but the wrinkles in the fabric are the worst enemy of elegance. So now you know what you should do.
This is just about the looks but more tips are coming…although the manners are what really counts.
It´s never too late to become a gentleman! 🙂
Women Rights=a “true” gentleman in & out! Feelgood Womanhood and gentlemen manners, it works!
Make MissLopez happy and Feelgood!