MissLopez’s tips: Laugh out loud!

Hello on this Monday and 1st of November by the way!
In order to make you and myself feel good, I summarize the benefits of laughing for your health and your beauty, so laugh out loud! And it’s that so that by laughing you’re doing a favor for your health and your beauty as makes us beautiful, eliminates stress. I’ll let you know:
Laughter produces biochemical substances in our body: endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline, which boost the immune system, activating their cell-lymphocyte. But also, did you know that a good laugh makes mobilize and strengthen over 400 muscles in our body?
I really believe in laughter therapy as experts say it develops imagination and creativity, fosters internal communication and learning, soothes anxiety and produces a facial massage that makes skin receive a dose of extra oxygen to rejuvenate. Five minutes of laughter acts as a pain reliever, laughing 100 times is equivalent to doing an aerobic exercise for 10 minutes! 20 seconds of laughter is equivalent to three minutes of active exercise in a gym! Great!
But besides the physical benefits, laughter is a good ally to release stress and tension, strengthens the emotional growth and increased productivity. Laughing is directly related to beauty and youth.
Despite all the advantages, the problem is that nearly half the people do not laugh openly mouth-related complexes, insecurities…And is that the teeth must be well cared. That’s why I take care of my mouth as I love laughing so much!
Keep laughing no matter what and Feelgood
It’s good for you 🙂