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What a great mingling day. Viva the Latin touch in Sweden too!

Hello amigos! News with a Latin touch from Sweden, in fact top class Latin style and design news right in the center of Stockholm. Just a while ago, you’ve got the news from my guest blogger, Victoria Gomez now in Uruguay, South America (she’ll be back) so now it’s time to come back with more Latin news this time in Scandinavia with Miss Lopez.

What a great mingling day I’ve had today from early morning to late evening! It’s great to be a blogger with Miss Lopez female super powers, don’t you agree? 🙂 In fact, I am working a lot to promote Feelgood Womanhood to everybody and as I’ve said even men like Miss Lopez’s blog. Great! Mingling is about marketing and this is my main purpose today. Fun but a lot of work too, everything for a good cause in order to make you Feel Goooood, so spread the good news you too.

In the pictures that were taken during the evening you see me with two very nice french men from Marseille, South of France in the wine business in Sweden, La Bégade, wine club with the best rosé wine from France. It has been an open house to celebrate the first year at the new local for Dahl Agency in Sweden. By the way, Alexander Dahl from Sweden in the other picture with Miss Lopez blogg at his back. Have a look!

Dahl agency imports high quality decoration brands from Italy, France and Spain as far as I know. Their mission is to offer a personal touch and high service giving a handpicked selection of carpets, furniture, lighting and accessories from Europe’s top design manufacturers and designers. For sure it sounds as a good cooperation with Miss Lopez. Don’t you agree?

Viva la dolce vita with top class Latin brands, and Feelgood.

Don't feel sorry, just Feelgood Womanhood!

Eva Longoria será también productora de televisión

Hola amigos y amigas! I hope you get what I mean. It’s not that I think it’s not a pity when someone gets divorced. I Myself did it as well in Sweden! Anyway, Eva Longoria have just divorced and decided to keep her free time occupied to create something positive of it instead. After her sudden separation of Tony Parker, the actress has found the best cure in her family, friends and work. The star of Desperate Housewives has also decided to stand behind the camera and produce three new television projects.
The first of the productions that will take place in the ABC channel will be called Sendera and will cover the story about two rich families, one from Mexico and the other one from Texas, engaged in a struggle for power. The second project, which may also be seen on ABC, will be a comedy focusing on early childhood education. The third and latest project is a serie about the romantic relationship and  historical time between the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes and his interpreter at that time. I like history so I’d love to watch it when it comes!
Well, what I mean is that Eva, instead of being or playing a victim of her husbands cheating on her one way or the other, she has the will to stand up and make something positive of the situation though it hurts for sure. Some people just get “bitter” and play bad on others but not her (as it seems).  I believe what makes the difference betwen us people is not our circunstances, but what we make of it and the capacity to feel good afterwards no matter what. Specially if you’re a woman, so remember: FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD
Vivan las mujeres, together will Feel even better!
Feel Good everybody! 🙂

Miss Lopez with Amelia, fashion designer in Stureplan

Hi again!
Today I have been invited to a fashion mingle in Stureplan by a contact for my company. The fun thing is that the fashion designer, Amelia is her name in the picture, happened to be from Rumania and I realized that they are Latins too as they speak a very similar language to Spanish and Italian so we could talk in our native languages. Good, isn’t it?
In fact, if you understand Spanish, you are very likely to undertand Italian, Portuguese; and French is much easier as well as all together have Latin as basis. Multi task learning as I say. Probably it’s a good idea for you to learn Spanish these days and you can go classes to Instituto Cervantes, everywhere in the world. They is one in Stockholm too.
This week will be a busy week with a lot of mingling too so I’ll be back soon with more news with a Latin touch!
Viva the Latin news from Sweden too and Feelgood! 🙂

Look, it's not Sweden, it's Spain today!

Hello! It’s cold in Sweden! It feels like we’re already in winter, a Swedish one.  Well as I live in Sweden but I can from “the sunny Spain” I allways get questions about the weather in Spain and how warm it’s down there as many just take for granted it’s warm there. But look, it can be cold there too! For those you wonder, I’ve got this picture from my friends in Spain today. The storm affected nearly all Spain, and the thermometer has plunged to 10 degrees below zero in some regions, that has brought the first snow of the season. In the north of Spain and the Community of Madrid the snow could reach two inches thick in the south metropolitan area, and six inches in the mountains. In the image you see the north of Navarra, in the Pyrenees close to the frontier with France. So now you know you can enjoy snow in Spain too! 🙂

As I used to say, appearances can deceive, so take your time before you make your statements.

Never take anything or anyone for granted and Feelgood!

El Bulli, world's best restaurant soon creative hub of culinary research

Ferran Adrià

Hello again! More about Ronaldo tomorrow after the El Clasico match, but now back to my cooking tips, specially if they are from Spain where I come from. Talking about the good cuisine, there is something special when a man is in the kitchen, in fact I wonder why the real good chefs are all men. What do you think? Anyway I like men good at cooking as nothing is as chic as to be served by a real gentleman with a delicious meal. Don´t you agree? 🙂  Actually I think high cuisine is art too!. You must be really creative to be good at it!

Well, in the picture the Spanish genius in the kitchen is Ferran Adriá. El Bulli’s Ferran Adrià will close its doors before its re-opening in 2014, and will become a creative hub of culinary research, so this is the last year that has three current Michellin stars. I haven’t been there, maybe next time.

It has been the Michelin Guide awards these days that as far as culinary awards are concerned, is the most important internationally. One of the reasons I really suggest to you the north of Spain to eat like Galicia is because the quality of the cuisine there is very high, top class, as in the Basque country, San Sebastian and Catalunya, Barcelona. I really like the north of Spain, the green Spain. In fact check at the list of the restaurants awarded, mostly from the north of Spain. Check it out!


Restaurants with three stars:
El Bulli (Roses, Girona)
Can Fabes (Sant Celoni, Barcelona)
Sant Pau (Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona)
El Celler de Can Roca (Girona)
Arzak (San Sebastian)
Martin Berasategui (Lasarte, Guipúzcoa)
Akelarre (San Sebastian)
Second star restaurants premiere:
Azurmendi (Larrabetzu, Vizcaya)
Miramar (Llançá, Girona)
Ramón Freixa (Madrid)
Calima (Marbella, Málaga)
Premiere first star:
Caelis (Barcelona)
Two Skies (Barcelona)
Hisop (Barcelona)
Moments (Barcelona)
Capritx (Terrassa, Barcelona)
Ferrero (Valencia)
Gadus (Mallorca)
Sieve (Mallorca)
Alborada (A Coruña)
Maruja Limón (Vigo)
Sale Moncalvillo (Daroca Rioja)
Mirador de Ulia (San Sebastian)
Kabuki (Madrid)
Aponiente (Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz)
By Martin Berasategui Santo (Sevilla)
Arrop (Valencia)
Ikea (Vitoria)

And now, who wants (or dare) to invite MissLopez to a really good meal? 🙂

Dare to show off the chef in you and Feelgood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Wonder how Real Madrid is getting ready for El Clasico tomorrow?

Hello again! And thanks so much for your feedback! I can see many guys like the last link about Cristiano Ronaldo. So cooooooool. I wonder why so many men like Miss Lopez :)…Let me know what you think, please!
Well, so would you like to know how they, Real Madrid players are getting ready for the big match tomorrow against Barcelona? Of course with a good Spanish meal. Here you can see, Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos among others in Madrid after having dinner in a restaurant in Madrid. And the thing is you must be cool anyway, not matter what waiting for the big thing to come, in this case, El Clasico. I’ll come back another day with more Spanish recipes but meanwhile stay cool for tomorrow. By the way, become a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, you too!
And you how are you getting ready?
Be cool and Feelgood. Thanks to all men that are reading my blogg! Viva!!

Are you ready for El Clásico with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Hello everybody! I’ve just been reading the news before I go to bed and I started blogging again when I saw this picture of Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani’s ad a while ago. What a body! 🙂 Don´t you agree? I hope the Real Madrid football player can give a bit of inspiration to everybody…
The thing is El Clasico match betwen Real Madrid and Barcelona is about to begin next Monday and already now it’s a lot of expectation among Ronaldo fans everywhere (now I am his fan too.  Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest on Facebook, by the way). Myself I have been at some football matches in Spain and the spirit there is just amazing! Well I am not really much into football but when it’s something like El Clasico and with Ronaldo, then of course it’s interesting to me. I’ve read on the Spanish news, Ronaldo himself is nervous about this coming match but he just pretends to be cool…very cool to the press and fans. Silly Fake “coolness” as they say in Spain though I can understand him as he must have a lot of press on him.
Cool or not cool, Ronaldo is very hot, don’t you agree? 🙂
Sweet dreams and a little kiss+++

Miss Lopez met Emma Wiklund, Swedish top model at Åhlens City today

Hello! Life is full of good surprises sometimes!. 🙂 And this exactly what happened to me when I went through Åhlens City today in Stockholm, Sweden. Emma Wiklund, before Sjöberg, Swedish top model was there and showed me her new Swedish beauty products. Really nice to meet her! By the way, she wished me luck with MissLopez’s blog and gave me a sample so I’ll tell you more about her products afterwards. Good, isn’t it? For those who may not know her, Emma got her breakthrough in 1991 as a  model for Arla’s campaign for low-fat milk. A successful international modeling career followed, for Versace and Lanvin, etc… Emma has also appeared in George Michael’s music video,Too Funky. After an active modeling career Emma has started an acting career and has also a role in the French movies Taxi. Since fall 2005 she is involved in the clothing chain Lindex. And now she has a new beauty serie that I’ll try soon. Emma S. is a brand new skin care line that she developed with the help of a Swedish brand manufacturers – CCS. According to her Emma S. products are very effective and deliver what they promise. Good that Miss Lopez now are going to try them and then I’ll tell you more about it. I hope I can tell you more news about Emma soon!
Viva good surprises and quality beauty products! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD to everybody!

A wedding with sharks to remember…

Well, for sure this is not my wedding 🙂 Don´t worry I have not married or anything like that among sharks…I am too afraid of all that. But look at the picture I’ve got from some friends to you.  It looks like an image taken from a film, but i is real as life itself: the latest proposal in original wedding comes from the depths of the sea, or in this case, the depth of the aquarium for sharks biggest in Europe. Located within the complex Palma Aquarium, Palma de Mallorca, invites you to celebrate a wedding unique and unforgettable underwater, with a very special witnesses: twelve spectacular sharks…I wouldn’t do it myself…if you wonder. Well couples who choose to marry this original ‘pack’ wedding should be, above all, courageous, otherwise all that is needed is to have a diving certificate, which allows the couple safely immerse in the faint blue waters of this spectacular aquarium, surrounded by more than 1,000 animal species. Would you dare? 🙂
You don’t need to be bored in Spain, don’t you agree? I wonder if there is something like that in Sweden where I live. Let me know.
Have fun this Saturday and Feelgood!

Princess Madeleine of Sweden: Feelgood Womanhood too

A la princesa Magdalena se la pudo ver bromeando con su cuñado, un claro signo de que parece haber dejado atrás el dolor por su ruptura con Jonas Bergström
Hello from Sweden. Reading the Royal news I saw this picture and I felt I´d like to share the spirit of Feelgood with all of you. The Swedish Royal Family with the exception of Prince Carl Philip, was dressed up to participate in a very special occasion in Stockholm. The king Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden, with the Princesses Victoria and Madeleine and Prince Daniel greeted the members of the Swedish Parliament in the Royal Palace.
The three ladies of the royal family were who “reigned” in style. And more important than that, Madeleine seems to Feelgood and at one point you could see her (in the picture) joking with Prince Daniel. Undoubtedly, a good and clear sign that she has turned the pain of her break with Jonas Bergström. I really like this picture. Well I´d say a clear sign of FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD too, isn´t it?
I love laughing and it´s contageous, like love. 🙂 Share the joy in you and Feelgood!